Annotated Bibliography: Transgender Violence

“Baton Rouge LGBT community devastated over shootings; occurred hours after 10,000 celebrated LGBT community in River Center.” The Baton Rouge Advocate. June 13, 2016,

This article details the reactions among the Baton Rouge LGBT community in the aftermath of the mass shooting at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The article includes a quote from Governor Edwards as well as Keith Mozingo, who is the pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of Baton Rouge. Jena Ourso, board chair of Capital City Alliance, which is a Baton Rouge-based LGBT support group, is also quoted expressing confidence in the community’s ability to deal with tragedies like this. The article also discusses the reactions from members of the community at LSU and George’s Place, a gay bar in Baton Rouge.

Barrow, Bill. “House rejects bill expanding protections against bullying – It would have added sexual orientation.” The Times-Picayune. May 20, 2011.

This article is about the House of Representatives bill on bullying regarding LGBT students. It shares the perspectives on Louisiana representatives, including John Bel Edwards, Austin Badon, and Pat Smith.

“Brick thrown through window of New Orleans church days after it held transgender town hall, minister says.” The New Orleans Advocate. March 12, 2017,

On March 12, 2017, a brick was thrown through the window of the First Unitarian Universalist Church during services soon after the church held a town hall for the New Orleans transgender community hosted by the Trans United Fund and Transitions Louisiana. No one was injured.

Daley, Ken. “Quarter abduction, robbery end in plea deal – 10 years could have been 198.” The Times-Picayune. July 4, 2015.

This article is about a man who abducted and robbed a transgender woman in the French Quarter in December 2014. He pleaded guilty to armed robbery but the woman also said that he demanded oral sex after he picked her up and held her at gunpoint.

DeBerry, Jarvis. “NOPD will have to work to win trust of transgender residents.” The Times-Picayune. March 10, 2017.

This is another article about the hostile relationship between the New Orleans transgender community and the NOPD, who treat the transgender community very poorly by targeting and harassing them. Sgt. Frank Robinson, a member of the LGBT community as well as NOPD, was assigned to be a liaison between the two by the superintendent.

Evans, Beau. “‘She’s left a hole in our hearts’ – Slain performer Chyna Gibson remembered as fun-loving.” The Times-Picayune. March 3, 2017.

Chyna Gibson, who also went by Chyna Doll Dupree, is remembered in this article through her friend and “parent”, Dayshawn Brown. Gibson had ties to New Orleans, Houston, and Sacramento. She loved performing and had some success in show business. The article also mentions the death of Ciara McElveen who was stabbed to death shortly before Gibson was killed in an unrelated murder of another transgender woman.

Evans, Beau. “Transgender killings raise questions about NOPD treatment.” The Times-Picayune. March 10, 2017.

Concern over the treatment of transgender people by the New Orleans Police Department is expressed by members of the community in light of the recent murders of two transgender women. A friend of Ciara McElveen, one of the victims, shares that transgender people feel fear because they can’t trust the police to support them rather than target them. The article references a BreakOUT! Survey where over half of the respondents said that police officers had at some point assumed that they were sex workers.

Freund, Helen. “GROUND ZERO FOR HIV – State laws, local police practices contribute to epidemic in New Orleans, report says.” The Times-Picayune. December 13, 2013.

This article is about a report called “In Harm’s Way: State Response to Sex Workers, Drug Users and HIV in New Orleans” that shares research findings on sex work and syringe use leading to a high AIDS death rate and how state and local laws are harmful because they stigmatize sex workers and drug users. The report refers to transgender women as being especially vulnerable because police arrest them if they are carrying condoms on them even though that is not against the law. This is because the police are stigmatizing trans women and assuming that they are doing sex work.

Galofaro, Claire. “LGBT advocates report police abuses – Victims routinely harassed, they say.” The Times-Picayune. October 26, 2012.

This article is about a meeting with the City Council where people shared stories about the violence experienced by black transgender women in interactions with the New Orleans Police Department. The advocacy groups represented at the meeting were BreakOUT!, Independent Police Monitor, Safe Streets Strong Communities, the Women’s Health and Justice Initiative, and the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana.

Hasselle, Della. “N.O. LGBT community plans support.” The New Orleans Advocate. June 13, 2016,

This article is about the New Orleans’ LGBT community’s reaction to the mass shooting at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The article quotes Governor Edwards’ support of the LGBT community and his concern about the upcoming Decadence parade. Plans to remember the people who were tragically killed are enumerated in the article. Also, a comparison between this tragedy and the Upstairs Lounge fire that occurred in New Orleans in 1973 is made.

Hoffman, Jan. “Gay and lesbian students report ‘heartbreaking’ levels of violence.” The Times-Picayune. August 12, 2016.

This article is about a national study that determined that LGBT students are more likely to experience depression, bullying, and violence. However, the article also notes that the federal government’s survey didn’t allow students to identify specifically as transgender.

Hunter, Michelle. “Friends discover bodies of Metairie couple – Missing pair found in apartment.” The Times-Picayune. February 15, 2013.

This article is about the discovery of the bodies of a transgender woman, Milan Boudreaux, and her boyfriend, Akeem Boudreaux in their apartment. The article does not include detailed information but does say that their friends and family were very distraught and not under the impression that the couple would hurt one another.

Hunter, Michelle. “Metairie couple’s deaths ruled double homicide – Both had been shot in the head.” The Times-Picayune. February 17, 2013.

This article is a follow-up to the previous entry about the transgender woman and her boyfriend who had been killed in their apartment. The article lists no suspects but does include information on Milan Boudreaux’s criminal past in prostitution and her boyfriend’s marijuana possession.

Lane, Emily. “NOPD sees no evidence killings are linked – Two transgender women slain in recent days.” The Times-Picayune. March 2, 2017.

This article is about the deaths of Chyna Gibson (or Chyna Doll Dupree) and Ciara McElveen, two transgender women. According to the New Orleans police, they were both victims of hate crimes but apparently their killings were not related. The article asks anyone with information on McElveen’s stabbing to come forward.

Lane, Emily. “Transgender community on edge after killings – Group faces epidemic of attacks, advocates say.” The Times-Picayune. March 5, 2017.

The article is about the reactions to the deaths of Chyna Gibson and Ciara McElveen, two black transgender women who were killed recently. Syria Synclaire, a third black transgender woman who was close to the two victims expresses concern over her safety. The New York Anti-Violence Project’s statistics on recent nationwide transgender killings are listed. The issues of police misgendering trans people who have been killed as well as saying that they were not killed because they were trans are brought up. Also, the need to improve the relationship between NOPD and the transgender community is addressed.

“Lawsuit: Deputies ignored cries of transgender woman raped in Tangipahoa Parish Prison.” The Baton Rouge Advocate. June 8, 2017,

The article is about a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of an anonymous transgender woman who was reportedly raped at the Tangipahoa Parish Prison and suffered seven broken bones in her face but received no assistance or protection from the deputies.

Lorando, Mark. “Gender I.D. policy revised after attacks on transgender women.” The Times-Picayune. March 12, 2017.

A memo was sent out to the Times-Picayune staff about how writers should deal with gender identification in their news articles. It was prompted by the recent coverage of the murders of Chyna Gibson and Ciara McElveen, two transgender women. The memo includes definitions and proper use of various terms, including but not limited to: cross-dresser, gay, LGBT, and transgender.

McKnight, Laura. “Pair wanted for questioning in Chyna Gibson’s killing.” The Times-Picayune. March 4, 2017.

The article is about two people who were wanted for questioning relating to the murder of Chyna Gibson, a transgender woman. The article also discusses the vigil held for Gibson where support for transgender people was expressed as well as a need to prevent more deaths from occurring. Sylvia Gibson and Mariah Moore spoke at the vigil.

Monteverde, Danny. “Group aims to combat police discrimination.” The New Orleans Advocate. October 26, 2012,

This article discusses the New Orleans Police Department’s tendency to arrest transgender people. The example provided in the article uses a pseudonym to protect the transgender woman. Her story was shared to the City Council’s Criminal Justice Committee which was looking into discrimination within NOPD. Red Tremmel is quoted discussing the compound issue of discrimination in employment and in law enforcement. The group referenced in the headline is BreakOut.

Monteverde, Danny. “Suspect will face hate crime charge – Gay slur alleged in Quarter stabbing.” The Times-Picayune. January 8, 2011.

A rarely used hate crime charged was used in a stabbing. This incident is seen as positive by the LGBT community who often face hate crimes that are not reported. The article quotes Mary Griggs, who is a chairwoman of the board of the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans. She cited a lack of diversity training as a reason for NOPD failing to report hate crimes.

Mustian, Jim. “Invalid sodomy law still applied *** Sheriff’s Office sets up park stakeouts to ensnare gay men.” The Baton Rouge Advocate. July 28, 2013.

This article is about the Baton Rouge police’s targeting of LGBT individuals, invoking embarrassment and humiliation on their party despite doing nothing harmful.

“NATIONAL.” The Times-Picayune. February 27, 2017.

This article is about Chyna Doll Dupree, a transgender woman and drag queen, being killed in New Orleans East in the Bella Plaza shopping center on February 25, 2017. Chyna had been visiting the city to celebrate Mardi Gras. Her aunt is quoted in the article describing Dupree as a very well-loved person.

“NOPD: Gender not a factor in killing of transgender woman in Treme.” The New Orleans Advocate. February 12, 2015,

This article is about a transgender woman of color named Penny Proud who was shot and killed in Treme on February 10, 2015. The police said they did not think her gender was relevant to the shooting and it might have been a robbery.

O’Donoghue, Julia. “Local, state hate crimes laws may not apply to transgender victims.” The Times-Picayune. March 5, 2017.

The New Orleans and Louisiana hate crime laws do not specifically mention crimes against transgender people so it is unclear if the police would be able to charge the murderers of Chyna Gibson and Ciara McElveen of hate crimes. Transgender rights advocates say that transgender hate crimes were left out of the New Orleans ordinance purposefully, though transgender people are included in discrimination laws regarding housing and employment. A representative of Louisiana Trans Advocates questioned whether hate crime laws are actually helpful and protective regardless. The article includes statistics regarding the nationwide increase in violent incidents against transgender people. Jaquarrius Holland, a third black transgender woman killed recently in Monroe, LA, is also mentioned.

Purpura, Paul. “Man remains jailed in Metairie slayings – Transgender woman, partner found dead.” The Times-Picayune. October 17, 2014.

A man from Baton Rouge, Melvin Miller, is the suspect in the killings of Milan and Akeem Boudreaux, a transgender woman and her boyfriend respectively. The article details the crime scene as well as the evidence that led the police to the suspect. The connection between Milan Boudreaux and the suspect was potentially prostitution, and Miller and Boudreaux had been in contact before the he killed her and her boyfriend.

Rodriguez, Matthew. “Jaquarrius Holland, 18-year-old trans woman, killed in Louisiana, misgendered in reports.” Mic. February 28, 2017.

Jaquarrius Holland, and 18 year old black transgender woman, was murdered in Monroe, Louisiana on February 19, 2017. She was initially misgendered by the police which is why there was a delay in reports of her death. The article includes a link to a GoFundMe for Holland’s funeral. Her friends’ memories are included in the article.

“Transgender woman raped inside Orleans Parish jail with guard absent for over an hour, lawsuit says.” The New Orleans Advocate. September 20, 2016,

This article is about an anonymous 20 year old transgender woman who was raped in the Orleans Parish jail by her cellmate, a man who had previously been arrested for rape named McArthur Mackey Jr. The victim’s cries for help were not heard because the deputy who was supposed to be nearby was not there. Mackey was sentenced to 12 years in state prison for the assault.

“Transgender people explain challenges they face to police, City Council representatives.” The New Orleans Advocate. March 10, 2017,

A town hall on transgender violence, hosted by the Trans United Fund and Transitions Louisiana, was held in the aftermath of the deaths of two transgender women, Ciara McElveen and Chyna Gibson. Members of the community met with city council members to ask what they are doing to address the situation.

Webster, Richard. “‘Finally at peace’ – 7th Ward stabbing victim struggled to overcome troubles.” The Times-Picayune. March 4, 2017.

This article remembers Ciara McElveen, a transgender woman stabbed and killed in late February. The articles references McElveen’s friends who said she had been marginalized because of her gender identity and that caused her to struggle a lot. Her public defender describes her as a leader in the trans community. McElveen spent time in jail and rehab and was estranged from her family who did not approve of her lifestyle. However, she had a maternal figure in her life in Jean Brooks, who took her in whenever necessary and describes her as a good person.