Online Collections

Here you will find a small collection of Images, Audio, Video, and Documents that relate to the LGBT+ community of Louisiana

Image Galleries

Gay Carnival

Images of or relating to Gay Carnival and Mardi Gras

Southern Decadence

Invitations to Southern Decedance Parties

Lost Queer Bars of the French Quarter

A collection of photos of Queer Bars in the French Quarter


A collection of ephemera from Louisiana LGBT+ history

UpStairs Lounge Fire

Photos from the UpStairs Lounge Fire
(Warning: Some of the images in this gallery are graphic and may be disturbing)

Publication Covers

A collection of covers from Louisiana LGBT+ periodicals

LGBT+ Publications

Online Archive of Ambush Magazine

Part 1

Online Archive of Ambush Magazine

Part 2




A collection of documents relating to Louisiana’s LGBT+ History


Podcasts and Interviews

Podcasts and Interviews (not conducted by LGBT+ Archives of Louisiana)


Video and Other Media

Videos and other media pertaining to LGBT+ History of Louisiana