LGBT Bibliography

The following is a listing of periodicals, books, and other print publications concerning the LGBT+ community of Louisiana. Annotation follows many entries, along with notes indicating where some of the more rare publications can be found. As a rule, the dissertations and theses are easiest to access through the institutions where they were produced, or through ProQuest, a database available in most major libraries.

This listing is under construction – check back regularly for updates.

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Alternative. Published by Rip and Marsha Naquin for about five years, beginning in 1981. Available at the Center for Louisiana Studies and the Historic New Orleans Collection.

Ambush Magazine. Available online and at the Louisiana Research Collection, Tulane University.

Big Easy Times. Began publication in 1988; Historic New Orleans Collection and Louisiana State University have copies.

Disstaff. Feminist/lesbian themed. Back issues available at Newcomb College Archives

Headlines. “New Orleans’ foremost entertainment and information guide” – presumably an LGBT publication, Tulane University has a few issues.

Impact: New Orleans Gay News. The New Orleans Public Library (main branch) has back copies.

Louisiana Gay Blade. This statewide newsletter was published in the 1970s in Alexandria by activist Skip Ward.

New Orleans Gay and Lesbian Yellow Pages. Began publication in 1999; University of Louisville (KY) and Central Connecticut State University have copies

Sunflower. Newsletter of the short-lived Gay Liberation Front of New Orleans. Available at the main branch of the New Orleans Public Library.

The Pink Pages of Greater New Orleans, “the gay and lesbian business and entertainment directory”, began publication in 1995. New Orleans Public Library has copies.

The Rooster

This Week Guide. New Orleans Entertainment in the Gay and Lesbian Community

Times of Louisiana Communities. Began publication in 1981; only library with copies appears to be in New York

The Whiz Magazine

The Zipper. A Baton Rouge-based paper published by Rip and Marsha Naquin for one year, beginning in 1977. Available at The Louisiana Research Collection, The Historic New Orleans Collection, and the Louisiana State Museum.

Book Chapters

Coyle, Katy, and Nadiene Van Dyke. “Sex, Smashing, and Storyville in Turn-of-the-Century New Orleans: Reexamining the Continuum of Lesbian Sexuality.” In Carryin’ on in the Lesbian and Gay South, ed. John Howard, 54-72. New York: New York University Press, 1997.

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Perez, Frank. “Gay Interest Walking Tour” in Treasures of the Vieux Carre: Ten Self-Guided Walking Tours of the French Quarter. Bedford, TX: LL Publications, 2014.

Perez, Frank. “The LGBT+ Archives Project of Louisiana as a Community Organizing Success Story.” In Queering Education in the Deep South, ed. Kamden Strunk. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2018.

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Magazine Articles

“After Katrina: The Future of Gay New Orleans.” The Advocate. 11 Oct. 2005.

Cooper, Alex. 50 Years Ago, the Fire at the Up Stairs Lounge Gay Bar in New Orleans Killed 32. The Advocate. June 24, 2023.

Fieseler, Robert W. “A Bar Called Charlene’s.” 64 Parishes Spring 2023

Fieseler, Robert W. Honoring the Legacy of New Orleans’ 1973 UpStairs Lounge Fire. Washington Blade. June 22, 2023.

Fieseler, Robert W. The Formation of Reggie Adams: The Story of the Lone Known Black Victim of the Up Stairs Lounge Tragedy. 64 Parishes. 2021.

Fieseler, Robert W. The Up Stairs Lounge Fire Killed 32 People. Its Legacy Still Haunts Black Gay New Orleans. The Daily Beast. 11 May 2019.

Jennings, Christopher. “Defining Pride.” Gambit. June 17, 2014.

Moorhouse, Drusilla. A Deadly Arson at a Gay Bar Was Never Officially Solved. A New Podcast Examines Why. Huffington Post. June 27, 2023.

Perez, Frank. “Remembering Reggie.” Dallas Voice 3 June 2022.

Sciallo, Andrew. 50 Years Later, the UpStairs Lounge Fire is More Important than Ever. The Nation. 22 June 2023.

Smith, Howard. “Golden Celebration.” Mardi Gras Guide. 2011. On the 50th anniversary of Petronius.

Smith, Howard Philips. In the Kingdom of Queens: The Royal Krewe of Yuga and the Birth of Gay Carnival. January 2, 2015.

Smith, Howard Philips. “The Krewe of Amon-Ra: Fifty Years and Counting.” Arthur Hardy’s Mardi Gras Guide 2015.

Uddin, Shahamat. The UpStairs Lounge Fire in New Orleans Was a Deadly Attack on the Local LGBTQ+ Community. Teen Vogue. June 27, 2023.

Vargas, Antonio. Family of Veteran Killed in 1973 New Orleans Fire Trying to Recover Remains. The Guardian. June 2023.

Villarreal, Daniel. ‘Bury Them in Fruit Jars.’ A Gay Mass Murder and the Coverup that Followed. LGBTQNATION. 25 October 2023.

Newspaper Articles

“Curb Advocated on Homosexuals: Crackdown to Save Young Persons Demanded.” Times-Picayune 28 Apr. 1951.

“Exiled Patron Rams Pickup into Bar Door.” Times-Picayune 3 May 1969. About an angry customer who drove his truck into Café Lafitte in Exile.

“Gay Liberation Group Marches.” Times-Picayune 24 Jan. 1971.

“Jury Acquits 3 Students Tried in Slaying of Guide.” Times-Picayune 24 Jan. 1959. Coverage of the Fernando Rios murder trial.

“Program is Up to City Council.” Times-Picayune 26 Oct. 1958. Recounts the City Council’s creation of a “Committee on the Problem of Sex Deviates.

“Quarterites Ask Protection from Slasher.” Times-Picayune 10 April 1977. About a serial killer targeting gay men.

“Vieux Carre Unit Seeks Ordinance.” Times-Picayune 8 March 1951. This article recounts the Mayor’s Advisory Committee suggestion that homosexuals be actively discouraged from coming to New Orleans.

Anderson, Ed. “Additional Gay Youth Ring Charges Hinted.” Times-Picayune 3 Nov. 1975.

Anderson-Minshall. “Remembering the Worst Mass Killing of LGBT People in U.S. History.” Nov. 15, 2013

Fieseler, Robert. “Guest Commentary: ‘United We Stand’ — Why the Legacy of New Orleans’ 1973 Up Stairs Lounge Fire Still Resonates 50 Years Later.” Times-Picayune 1 June 2023.

Grady, Bill. “The Girl Can’t Help it, So She Helps Others.” Times-Picayune 23 July 2000. Article about local transsexual Bobbi D’ean Perry.

Griffin, Thomas. “Padlocked Door Tells Story.” New Orleans States-Item 27 March 1956. This article is an obituary of Tom Caplinger, former owner of Café Lafitte in Exile.

Grissett, Sheila. “Police: Men Stabbed by Gay Bashers.” Times-Picayune 20 Nov. 1993.

Hensley, Laura. “Transgendered Evacuee Released.” The Bryan-College Station Eagle. 10 Sept. 2005

MacCash, Douglas. “Opening the Shutter.” The Times-Picayune. 22 Oct. 1999. About George Dureau.

Perez, Frank. Moments in Gay New Orleans History, column in Ambush Magazine. Click for list of articles.

Pope, John. “Mickey Gill, Captain of Two Gay Carnival Krewes, Dies at 73.” Times-Picayune 3 Mar. 2010.

Pope, John. “Lloyd Sensat, 66,Tour Guide.” Times-Picayune 23 Feb. 2011. Obituary for tour guide and historical preservationist Lloyd Sensat.

Purpura, Paul. “Jefferson Parish Prosecutors File Obscenity Charges Against the Rev. Grant Storms.” Times-Picayune. 28 March 2011.

Treadway, Joan. “Gay Community Surfaces in Tragedy of N.O. Fire.” Times-Picayune 11 Sept. 1973.

Treadway, Joan. “Independent Route Taken for Personal Objectives.” Times-Picayune 12 Sept. 1973.

Treadway, Joan. “Homosexuals Disagree on Behavior’s ‘Sickness’.” Times-Picayune 13 Sept. 1973.

Treadway, Joan. “Psychiatric and Clerical Views—a Wide Spectrum.” Times-Picayune 14 Sept. 1973.

Treadway, Joan. “It’s Not Illegal to BE Gay—Certain Acts are Criminal.” Times-Picayune 15 Sept. 1973.

Ussery, Bob. “Police Crackdown on Gays in Park is ‘Due to Calls’.” Times-Picayune 17 Aug. 1976.


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Journal Articles

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Yumru, Zaferhan. House of Tulip. 2022. A short documentary about two Black trans activists who run for office and work to build Louisiana’s first housing refuge that provides residency for trans and gender non-conforming residents.