LGBT+ Themed Websites

Local LGBT+ Themed Websites

Ambush Magazine

The Gulf South’s oldest and largest LGBT+ Entertainment/Travel Guide serving Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida since 1982.

New Orleans LGBT Hospitality Alliance (NOLHA)

The New Orleans LGBT Hospitality Alliance (NOLHA) is a group convened under the leadership of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC) and New Orleans & Company.

New Orleans Official Guide

Although this website generally serves as a travel oriented website for those planning trips to New Orleans, it also serves as a website to detail LBGT history in New Orleans, LGBT organizations, and LGBT oriented events for those coming to visit.

National LGBT+ Themed Websites

The Advocate

The Advocate is the largest and oldest (it was founded before the 1969 Stonewall Riots) LGBT focused publication and is published nationwide. Currently, The Advocate publishes articles, which focus on issues such as women’s rights and racial equality, in addition to Trans and LGBT rights, in their bi-monthly magazine as well as their website. Current hot-button issues are highlighted in their main categories on their website under a “Trending” category.

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AfterEllen, named in honor of Ellen DeGeneres, is a website dedicated to lesbian and bisexual women in the media. They offer a more pop-culture oriented view of LGBT rights, with Buzzfeed-type articles such as “20 Unspoken Rules of Urban Lesbians”.

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Alturi is a news website dedicated towards forwarding the rights of LBGT individuals across the globe. Their focus is more international than some of the other websites, but you can click on certain areas of the world map to find news for a particular region, country, or continent. You can also narrow your searches to issues regarding topics such as Transgender or Intersex individuals, Human Rights, etc. They have a lot of pinned articles that are outsourced to other magazines, newspapers, etc.

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Houston LGBT History

A resource of mostly Houston LGBT history, which also includes statewide (Texas) Information.

Invisible Histories Project

The Invisible Histories Project is designed to be a repository for the preservation of the history of LGBTQ life first in the state of Alabama and then the entire Southeast. The archive will preserve, collect, and protect the living history of the diversity of the Queer community–both urban and rural.

Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund

Although Lambda Legal is primarily a civil rights organization rather than a news-oriented organization, as a notable LGBT organization, they have created a blog that posts articles involving LGBT rights. This blog includes articles that update readers on their current work. Moreover, Lambda Legal also has a publication entitled “Impact”, which they publish themselves. Furthermore, they also include a section entitled “Your Rights”, which presents an up-to-date break down of federal and state-level protections and rights for LGBT individuals. It also lists certain publications and resources for LGBT individuals as well as a hotline for legal help.

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LGBTQ Nation

LGBTQ Nation is a website that highlights a wide range LGBTQ news, from national political news to pop culture type reports. They have sections dedicated to health, entertainment, and sports in addition to their political forefront. Their section, called the Bilerico Report focuses on opinion articles that highlight LGBTQ news as well as national and political news as well.

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NewNowNext & the Backlot​

NewNowNext is a LGBT-themed website that focuses on pop-culture and entertainment. They have a section The Backlot (originally named AfterElton, in honor of Elton John) is the male counterpart to AfterEllen. It publishes blogs and articles dedicated to gay and bisexual men in the media.

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Towleroad is a blog dedicated to LGBT news from travel and pop-culture to politics. Most notably, they have a “Daily Resist” column, which focuses on highlights of current events and their effects on the LGBT rights movement.

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Websites with LGBT+ Themed Sections


Buzzfeed is a wildly popular news and pop-culture hub for young people. Their LGBT section is highly developed and represents a wide range of issues, from politics to pop-culture. Furthermore, they ensure to include LGBT individuals within their daily articles, whether they be columns on love advice or otherwise.

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Politico is a politically oriented news organization that focuses on both domestic and international politics. They have a particularly well developed LGBT section on their website that reports on LGBT news with a specific orientation towards LGBT political issues.

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